VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction was established in 1988 for the purpose of construction management and general construction.  Having combined the over thirty-five (35) year accounting and finance background of Debra Polera; along with the over thirty-nine (39) years construction experience of Anthony Polera, VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction has been successful in responding to the needs of the industry.  VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction is a product of our construction experience and recognition of the critical changes in the construction industry.

VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction has developed the expertise to manage and construct all types of buildings as evidenced by the partial list of completed projects.  A direct key and advantage to the detailed building process is the assistance that VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction offers the development team during the pre-construction and construction stages.  A direct key for our success has been the principal’s direct and active role in all daily operations.

The following services are integrated within our corporate structure:

  1. Value Engineering Services
  2. Cost Estimating Services
  3. Systems and Design Services
  4. Quality Control Services
  5. Scheduling Services
  6. Computerized Cost Control Services
Define Develop Implement Measure
Plan or
Needs Approach

At VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction our most important asset is our people. We provide our clients with the direct and hands-on service they deserve backed up by the knowledge, skills, and abilities developed during over 40 years of real estate construction, development, and management experience. We will be actively involved in all aspects of theconstruction process from the initial client meeting and formalizing an outline and approach to the proposed project to completion. Additionally, our office utilizes in-house estimating services, CPM scheduling (as-planned vs. as-built analysis, etc.), and computerized cost control reporting.

VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction is and has always been a company focused on customer service. We pride ourselves on how frequently and thoroughly we interact with our clients and the lengths to which we will go to to accomplish their aims, and we look forward to the opportunity to do so with you. Thank you so much for your consideration, and please feel free to contact us at any time via whichever means you find most convenient should you find that you’d like any additional information or clarification. We look forward to hearing from you.


The VITCAR Consulting Co., Inc. d/b/a VITCAR Construction team